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Infertility with PCOS

Polycystic ovaries are described by the existence of numerous small cysts (fluid filled swellings) around the surface of the ovaries. The cysts are quite small ranging from 2 to 8 mm. Polycystic ovaries are generally bigger than normal ovaries and their chief substance is usually thicker. PCOS Causes The exact reason has yet to be

Factors That may cause or Contribute to Infertility

Both men and Women Use of tobacco, marijuana, or alcohol. Medical Conditions (e.g. diabetes) Genetic or hormonal problems. Sexually transmitted diseases (e.g., gonorrhoea, chlamydia). Prescription drug use (e.g for depression, seizures or high blood pressure. Men Only Inadequate amount or quality of sperm. Fevers and infections (e.g., mumps occurring after puberty). Reproductive track surgery for