Blastocyst Culture Mohali


  • This technique was discovered in order to minimize the chances of multiple pregnancies, which can occur, by IVF technique.
  • This procedure also increases pregnancy rate as only few viable Blastocyst will are used during the procedure.
  • Culturing of embryos is done for 3 days initially, which is the cleavage stage (4-10 cells), before they are transferred to uterus. After extending the time of culture to 5-6 days, embryo attains Blastocyst stage (up to hundred of cells). This is the time when embryologist do the selection of the most viable and potential embryo for implantation.

Blastocyst transfer may be appropriate for those patients who have:

  • A better chance of having Blastocyst development (this will be determined by age and infertility conditions)
  • Previous failed attempts at achieving a pregnancy
  • Strong concerns about delivering high-order multiple pregnancies

It is important to consult with your doctor about whether blastocyst culture and transfer is for you.





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