About Our Group

About 15% couples suffer from infertility, and if you’re also facing infertility issues you’re not alone. To overcome this, you need expert assistance and the latest techniques involving assisted reproduction to treat various kinds of infertility and to provide a chance to you to conceive a baby.

Bloom IVF Group is India's premiere provider for fertility, IVF and other assisted conception treatments with over 25,000 patients from India and abroad and success rate of over 40-55% per started cycle in women < 35 years of age. We are the largest group of IVF centres in India with 9 full-fledged IVF centres, 4 fertility centres and 5 affiliate units.

Our Highlights and Achievements

Our team of doctors has been practicing and specialized in infertility treatment for the past 20 years. We are one of the biggest chains of IVF centres in India.

We have many firsts to our credit in India demonstrating our zeal to increase the success rate including introduction of:

  • Assisted laser hatching and blastocyst culture (1998)
  • Spindle view technology to increase pregnancy rates
  • Oocyte freezing by vitrification (2006)
  • Ovarian tissue freezing for young women undergoing Chemo / Radiation (2007)
  • Intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection – IMSI (2008)
  • Embryoscope in 2012 (we are the first in Asia)


Fortis Bloom IVF Centre Mohali is a class apart in infrastructure and technology. The expertise and dedication of the team of doctors and staff, and highly equipped laboratory makes us the best fertility centre for you, to help you have your baby.

Our USPs

  • Highly acclaimed team of IVF specialists
  • Our success rates are among the highest in the country
  • Highly advanced laboratory with assisted laser hatching technology
  • Complete package of ART services including services like oocyte freezing, egg donation, embryo donation and surrogacy

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